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Welcome to The Centre for Human-Centred Computing

Computing technologies impact on almost every aspect of human life. Human-centered computing (HCC) puts people at the centre of the design, development and deployment of these technologies.  We focus on understanding people’s interests, needs and their lived experience.  We consider not just how a new technology affects individuals but also how it affects their communities and the environment they live in.    

We do this by combining theories and methods from anthropology, computer science, cognitive science, psychology and design. We follow the principles of responsible innovation and ensure the people who will use a technology are central to the processes of creating and testing it.  We aim to build systems that recognise diversity, promote inclusion and ensure equitable outcomes.  


Recent Publications

  • Healey PGT, Khare P, Castro I, Tyson G, Karan M, Shekhar R, McQuistin S, Perkins C and Purver M (2024). Power and vulnerability: managing sensitive language in organizational communication. Frontiers in Psychology vol. 14 
  • Methnani L, Chiou M, Dignum V and Theodorou A (2024). Who’s in charge here? A survey on Trustworthy AI in Variable Autonomy Robotic Systems. ACM Computing Surveys, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 
  • Bhattacharjee A, Chen P, Mandal A, Hsu A, O'Leary K, Mariakakis A and Williams JJ (2024). Exploring User Perspectives on Brief Reflective Questioning Activities for Stress Management: Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Formative Research, JMIR Publications vol. 8 

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