Research Facilities

The Centre has access to a range of computing and storage servers distributed across the different research groups including an 1.4M investment in centralised servers with A100/H100 NVIDIA cards. The members of the centre have also access to QMUL’s 350-node HPC/GPU cluster, and access to the EPSRC-funded JADE2 GPU facility.

In addition, the constituent groups have access to specialised research facilities for research in Computer Vision, Music and Audio and Human Computer Interaction. This includes The Performance Lab that allows human motion capture, video and audio recordings (e.g., for music/dance performances); The Listening Room, an acoustically isolated sound studio for recordings and experiments; the Multimedia and Vision Dark Room; the new Cognition and Social Interaction lab, with a variety of neuroscience equipment including for hyperscanning; and the Film & Drama Arts Research Facility. at the award-winning Drame department that comprises, among other, a state-of-the art 4K cinema with Dolby ATMOS, multiscreen projection, sound-proofed film studio, motion capture.