• Windfarm
  • Electrospun fibres manufactured from waste material for use in redox flow batteries
  • Drops of water on superhydrophobic anti-biofouling and self-cleaning materials
  • Energy Materials Deevelopment and Characterisation
  • Simulation of an ultraviolet photochemical reactor for water treatment
  • Schematic of novel electromagnetic interference shielding

Welcome to The Centre for Sustainable Engineering

Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable Engineering. We are Engineers and Scientists from a range of disciplines who work together to reduce the negative impacts of human society on our planet. This covers a range of research from next generation batteries, LEDs and chemical processes, to generating electricity from waste heat, sunlight and nuclear sources. We develop more efficient heating and cooling systems and low loss materials for electronics as well as lightweight materials to reduce fuel consumption of vehicles. We bring knowledge from materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics and chemistry to solve these problems. 

Our work covers major themes including Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Materials and Manufacture, Environment and Climate Change, and Sustainable Transport (the latter in partnership with colleagues in the Centre for Intelligent Transport).

We work from modelling to materials and device manufacture through to testing. We measure the outputs of current technologies to drive the development of the next generation including life cycle analysis. 

Our research is funded from a variety of sources including the UK Research Councils, The Royal Society, Innovate UK, The European Union, UK and International Industry.


Recent Publications

  • Li S, Chen K, Wang Y, Saunders T, Zhang R, Bos J-WG and Reece MJ (2024). Temperature and composition insensitivity of thermoelectric properties of high-entropy half-heusler compounds. Acta Materialia, Elsevier vol. 268 
  • Hu Y, Yang G, Chen J, Li Y, Dong M, Zhang H, Bilotti E, Jiang J and Papageorgiou DG (2024). Interfacial engineering of hybrid MXene-Ni-CF tri-core–shell composites for electromagnetic interference shielding and E-heating applications. Composites Part A Applied Science and Manufacturing, Elsevier vol. 178 
  • Wang X, Saunders TG, Wang Y, Fu L and Reece MJ (2024). Joining of C/C composite with high entropy alloy interlayers via spark plasma sintering and its mechanical strength at 1600 ℃. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Elsevier vol. 44 (2), 815-821.  

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