Target to Patient - Creating tomorrow's drug discovery toolbox

Centre for Bioengineering
Image: Target to Patient
Target to Patient

Dates: 29-30 April 2024

Location: Hinxton Hall Conference Centre Wellcome Genome Campus Hinxton, UK. CB10 1RQ Map 

Target to Patient is returning in 2024. Advances in genomics for target choice, in vitro technologies, novel modalities, risk mitigation, data analysis, AI/ML and digital health are transforming our understanding of disease leading to an explosion of new opportunities in drug discovery.

Prof Martin Knight from the Centre for Bioengineering and the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models at Queen Mary is an invited keynote speaker at this event. Prof Knight will be discussing research on organ-chip technology at Queen Mary under the session on 'Novel tools and approaches in complex in vitro cellular models'


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