• Algebraic and combinatorial representations of matroids
  • Optimal sensor placements in a model city
  • Building a graph colouring with no short odd cycles

Welcome to The Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory

The Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory (CeCANT) encompasses a broad spectrum of research with a long and distinguished history at Queen Mary. CeCANT includes over 20 academic staff in the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS). The centre includes a vibrant community of PhD students, fully embedded in our research culture, and has strong research connections with other centres in SMS and beyond.

Within the Faculty of Science and Engineering we align strategically with the Fundamental Discovery Science theme, with the bulk of our research aiming to address fundamental questions in pure mathematics. Our strengths extend to applied mathematical areas, notably game theory in economics and combinatorial optimisation.



Recent Publications

  • Cembrano J, Fischer F, Hannon D and Klimm M (2024). Impartial selection with additive guarantees via iterated deletion. Games and Economic Behavior, Elsevier vol. 144, 203-224.  
  • Fink A, Escobar L, Rajchgot J and Woo A (2024). Gröbner bases, symmetric matrices, and type C Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, Wiley 
  • Fayers M, Kleshchev A and Morotti L (2024). Decomposition numbers for abelian defect RoCK blocks of double covers of symmetric groups. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, Wiley vol. 109 (2) 

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