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Welcome to The Centre for Chemical Research

The Centre for Chemical Research has a clear mission: to establish an exceptional environment that fosters research and education in the chemical sciences, spanning from atomic to global scales. As a dynamic and continuously expanding Research Centre, we pride ourselves on our internationally acclaimed researchers, who collaborate in distinctive clusters of excellence centred around the core areas of organic, inorganic, biological, and physical chemistry.

Our research endeavours are driven by several key ambitions. First and foremost, we strive to promote diversity within the realm of scientific exploration. Additionally, we actively seek to influence national and international research dialogues, contributing to and shaping the forefront of scientific advancement. Ultimately, our overarching goal is to produce and promote world-leading research that upholds the highest standards of integrity in its execution.

To realize these ambitions, we focus on four central themes of research: Environmental and Biological Chemistry, Functional Materials and Nanoscience, Physical and Computational Chemistry, and Synthesis and Catalysis. These core areas serve as the pillars supporting our research activities. 

The Centre for Chemical Research diligently works towards creating an exceptional research and educational environment. Through our commitment to excellence, dedication to diverse perspectives, and state-of-the-art facilities, we contribute to the advancement of chemical sciences on a global scale.



Recent Publications

  • Kim W, Ryu G, Nam Y, Choi H, Wang M, Kwon J, Nielsen CB, Kang K and Jung S (2024). High Mobility Amorphous Polymer‐Based 3D Stacked Pseudo Logic Circuits through Precision Printing. Advanced Functional Materials, Wiley 
  • Thorley KJ and Nielsen CB (2024). Conformational Analysis of Conjugated Organic Materials: What Are My Heteroatoms Really Doing? Chempluschem, e202300773-e202300773.  
  • Wang Y, Zhang Y, Ren P, Yu S, Cui P, Nielsen CB, Abrahams I, Briscoe J and Lu Y (2024). Versatile and recyclable double-network PVA/cellulose hydrogels for strain sensors and triboelectric nanogenerators under harsh conditions. Nano Energy, Elsevier, 109599-109599.  

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