New research grant on CO2 mineralization

Centre for Chemical Research

17 March 2024

Queen Mary University of London have been awarded a new research grant "Optimizing CO2 mineralization: from atomistic detail to reactor design " by the Leverhulme Trust. The project, which will be directed by Dr Di Tommaso and Dr Chass from the Centre for Chemical Research, has a value of £349k and will run over 36 months.

CO2 mineralization via aqueous carbonate formation can reuse captured CO2 to manufacture carbon-negative materials that mitigate or even replace conventional infrastructure materials. Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) is of particular interest due to its importance in industrial applications but its slow growth rates under ambient conditions pose a challenge. This project will use a computational-experimental approach to resolve the nano- to mesoscopic phenomena controlling the CO2-to-MgCO3 conversion. This will include evolving our mineralization reactor for tracking carbonation on neutron beamlines and bulk production at multi-kg/hr scales. By facilitating the low-temperature MgCO3 formation, our project will promote CO2 mineralization as a viable carbon capture & utilisation solution.

Updated by: Christian Nielsen