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Welcome to The Centre for Molecular Cell Biology

Our researchers study the biological organisation of cells, and the molecular mechanisms underpinning their function in health, disease and sustainable living. Our wide angle of exploration spans from the atomic structures and dynamics of living systems to their organisation in sub-cellular assemblies, cells, tissues, and organs. We are keen to translate of our fundamental discoveries into the drug discovery process, into clinical advances, and into the biotechnology industry. We commonly adopt an interdisciplinary approach including advanced imaging and genetic engineering techniques. This is frequently combined with high performance computing powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Collaboratively we address the grand challenges of food security, healthy ageing, anti-microbial resistance, green energy, and sustainable living. 



Recent Publications

  • Peripolli S, Meneguello L, Perrod C, Singh T, Patel H, Rahman ST, Kiso K, Thorpe P, Calvanese V, Bertoli C and de Bruin RAM (2024). Oncogenic c-Myc induces replication stress by increasing cohesins chromatin occupancy in a CTCF-dependent manner. Nature Communications, Springer Nature vol. 15 (1) 
  • Khursheed A and Viles JH (2024). Impact of Membrane Phospholipids and Exosomes on the Kinetics of Amyloid-β Fibril Assembly. Journal of Molecular Biology, Elsevier vol. 436 (6) 
  • Islam A, Manjarrez-González JC, Song X, Gore T and Draviam VM (2024). Search for chromosomal instability aiding variants reveal naturally occurring kinetochore gene variants that perturb chromosome segregation. iScience, Elsevier vol. 27 (3) 

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