• Human Gesture Capture with Radio Signals
  • Biological and Chemical Matters EM Characterisation
  • Anechoic Chamber Measurement of Wearable Devices
  • Transformation Optics for Metamaterials
  • Compact Antenna Test Range at Mm-wave

Welcome to The Centre for Electronics

The Centre for Electronics in QMUL brings together a multidisciplinary strong team of academics and researchers working on various areas related to state-of-the-art in antenna engineering, bio-electromagnetic, novel materials for enhanced performance, antenna and electromagnetics (EM) theory and metrology concepts, renewable energy, smart grid and power machines and machine learning/AI applied for next generation wireless communication networks. The Centre builds its strength on the prestigious and world-leading Antennas & Electromagnetics Research Group established in 1968 with a mission of “High Quality Research backed by High Quality Measurements”.

The centre has been at the heart of technology and innovation in analogue and digital electronic devices and systems, collaborating with academic and industrial partners working nationally and globally. Our research output has made a significant impact to the UK through developing new technologies, supply chains and job creation through spinout activities. The centre has established excellent track record and collaborations working in antennas and EM problems, but also extending to novel research in smart grids and array signal processing based on advanced AI innovation.

Our interdisciplinary research interfacing with materials, physics and chemistry, life sciences and medicine has led to new transformative research ideas and clearly shapes our grant portfolio. The group has strong links with industry and our work has raised the international status of UK antenna research attracting many citations and a number of patents (several with BAE Systems). The centre has doubled in size over the last 6-years by attracting talented established and Early Career Researchers (ECR’s), who, in turn, have extended our portfolio of research to smart grid, array signal processing and additive manufacturing for the fully digital future.


Recent Publications

  • Zhang H, Krynski M, Fortes AD, Saunders TG, Palma M, Hao Y, Krok F, Yan H and Abrahams I (2024). Origin of Polarization in Bismuth Sodium Titanate-Based Ceramics. Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society (ACS) vol. 146 (8), 5569-5579.  
  • Nourinovin S, Rahman MM, Naftaly M, Philpott MP, Abbasi QH and Alomainy A (2024). Highly Sensitive Terahertz Metasurface Based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency-Like Resonance in Detection of Skin Cancer Cells. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) vol. PP (99), 1-10.  
  • Alvi TS, Ahsan MH, Ali M, Ramzan F, Aljaloud KA, Alqahtani AH, Hussain R, Alomainy A and Mehmood MQ (2024). A High-Performance, Low-Cost, and Integrated Hairpin Topology RF Switched Filter Bank for Radar Applications. Sensors, MDPI vol. 24 (2) 

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