Research Facilities

To support the Centre’s mission statement of "High Quality Research backed by High Quality Measurements", Queen Mary has invested extensively in creating comprehensive experimental facilities that are all housed within the our world-leading Antennas and EM Measurement Facilities

Electronics, microwave and antenna fabrication, validation and metrology has been a constant research thread over many years.  The Centre for Electronics includes an extensive Antenna Measurement Laboratory (AML) with several major antenna test ranges and electromagnetic characterisation facilities, covering the whole RF to THz frequency bands, from 400MHz to 5THz. The facility is arguably one of the most comprehensive among European universities, supporting both industry and academia. 

These facilities are supported by four full-time professional staff. Recent substantial investment include:

  • £1m refurbishment of the Antenna Measurement Laboratory (AML) and the establishment within the AML of a new Terahertz Laboratory
  • New research mechanical workshop and investment of £150k in new machine tools
  • EPSRC Strategic Equipment grant for a millimetre wave (40-500GHz) NSI/MI spherical near-field test system and Nanoscribe 200nm resolution 3D printer (TERRA, EP/S010009/1, £1.2m).
  • Facilities to acquire the latest spectroscopy interfaces for THz science and technology (£0.5M)
  • EPSRC Strategic Technical Platform on “Meet Future Needs of Antenna Measurements and RF Characterization for Changing Research Culture (MUSCAT)” (£1M). This will provide an innovate training hub and national measurement facility to produce and retain research technical professionals equipped for generation-after-next electronics and wireless technologies.
Spherical Near-field/ Far-field mm-wave Robitic Measurement System
Spherical Near-field/ Far-field mm-wave Robotic Measurement System
Nanoscribe - High-speed, world’s highest resolution 3D printer
Nanoscribe - High-speed, world’s highest resolution 3D printer
Nanoscribe - High-speed, world’s highest resolution 3D printer
Compact Antenna Test Range