Research Facilities

Our research facilities include Human Cognition labs equipped with multiple electroencephalography (EEG) systems, including a 64-channel active electrode system (Brain Products) as well as portable mBrainTrain amplifiers suitable for social neuroscience studies. We also have eye tracking systems (Eyelink, Tobii), Magstim Super Rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation device, stationary and portable psychophysiology systems, Mangold portable video observation lab, and other equipment for cognitive and neuroscience research. The Centre hosts a fully equipped sleep laboratory, exercise lab, developmental psychology lab, and other dedicated spaces for human testing.

We also host a newly refurbished animal house, with state-of-the-art facilities supported by experienced animal care staff. This includes facilities for mice (breeding and maintenance, behavioural tracking, automated setups for training with voluntary head fixation, virtual reality and imaging systems), poultry chicks (incubation, maintenance and experimental rooms equipped with virtual reality arenas and behavioural apparatuses), fish (>1000 zebrafish tanks, automated systems for behavioural analyses in larvae and adults (Dainiovision, zantiks) and injection systems for the generation of CRISPR lines), and insects (behavioural testing and neuroscience facilities for studying bees and flies). Our wet labs are equipped for molecular biology, histology, microscopy, including two-photon microscopy, holography-based optogenetics, and mesoscope for widefield single-photon GCaMP imaging, and electrophysiology.

Behavioural testing facility for studying colour processing and imprinting in chicks
Behavioural testing facility for studying colour processing and imprinting in chicks
cells within an organ-chip
EEG equipment used in psychology research for studying brain behaviour