Welcome to Dr David Ayuso

Centre for Chemical Research
Centre for Experimental and Applied Physics

14 March 2024

We are pleased to welcome Dr David Ayuso to Queen Mary University of London and the Centre for Chemical Research.

David Ayuso obtained his PhD from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2015, with Alicia Palacios and Fernando Martín. His PhD focused on modelling ultrafast electronic dynamics in molecules driven by ultrashort laser pulses. After that, he joined Olga Smirnova's group at the Max-Born-Institut Berlin, to develop new strategies for imaging chiral molecules using tailored light. In 2020, he joined Imperial College London with a University Research Fellowship, which allowed him to establish his scientific independence and research group. He is now joining Queen Mary University of London as a Senior Lecturer.

David and his team are developing new optical methods for ultrafast and highly efficient imaging and control of molecular chirality combining state-of-the-art computational and analytical modelling, in close connection with experiments. This research is at the interface between different disciplines, including attosecond physics, quantum control of molecular dynamics, and nanophotonics.

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