Postgraduate Research Day 2024

Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory
Centre for Complex Systems
Centre for Geometry, Analysis and Gravitation
Centre for Probability, Statistics and Data Science

16 May 2024

The PhD students in attendance
The PhD students in attendance

On Friday 10 May the School of Mathematical Sciences hosted a PGR day to celebrate the research undertaken by our PhD students.

Throughout the day we heard talks from third year PhD students on their research topics including 'Mutation accumulation dictates cancer-immune coevolution', 'The quantum geometry of the quantum double' and 'Stochastic Growth Sampling for Randomly Branched Polymers'.

Congratulations to the talk prize winners:

1st: Zain Ahmed Kapadia - On the Submodule Structure of Hook Specht Modules in Characteristic 2
2nd: Adam Onus - Local Systems for Periodic Data
3rd: Francisco Castela Simão - Finite group gauge theory on graphs

Second year students presented their work at a poster session, it was great to see the range of projects taking place within the School. Poster prizes were awarded to:

1st: Alexandra Valavanis
2nd: Norberto Lucero Azuara
3rd: Jordan Marajh
People's Choice: Kabiru Abubakari

Thank you to everyone who made the day a success!


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