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May 2024

The PhD students in attendance

Postgraduate Research Day 2024

Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory

16 May 2024

On Friday 10 May the School of Mathematical Sciences hosted a PGR day to celebrate the research undertaken by our PhD students. Throughout the day we heard talks from third year PhD students on their research topics including 'Mutation accumulation dictates cancer-immune coevolution', 'The quantum geometry of the quantum double' and ... [more]

April 2024

food web

New study reveals how parasites shape complex food webs

Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainability

24 April 2024

A new study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B sheds light on how parasites influence the intricate relationships between predator and prey populations. Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Queen Mary University of London have developed a novel analysis to explore how factors like ... [more]

March 2024

Guests at the Night of Science and Engineering

A Night of Science and Engineering: Queen Mary showcases cutting-edge research and innovation

Faculty of Science and Engineering

3 March 2024

Queen Mary University of London held its second annual Night of Science and Engineering last evening at the university's Octagon venue. The event brought together over 200 leading industry partners, researchers, academics, policymakers, and the public, for an evening of exploration, engagement, and celebration of Queen Mary's Faculty of Science and ... [more]


New video celebrating Queen Mary's outstanding science and engineering

Faculty of Science and Engineering

1 March 2024

A new video has been released featuring academic staff, post doctural research assistants and PhD students talking about the amazing science and engineering that they undertake at Queen Mary University of London and how this is underpinned by our diversity and core values. [more]