Welcome Dr Junjie Liu

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4 April 2024

Dr Junjie Liu
Dr Junjie Liu

We are pleased to welcome Dr Junjie Liu to Queen Mary University of London.

Junjie Liu completed his PhD in Physics at the University of Florida in 2012. During his PhD he investigated quantum tunnelling of magnetisation in molecular nanomagnets. His pioneering work included the first discovery of transverse anisotropy-induced slow relaxation of magnetization in these systems. Following his PhD he moved to the University of Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher, where he worked on a wide spetrum of research topics including: coherent magneto-electric couplings, single-molecule electronic/spintronic devices and low-dimensional quantum magnets. In 2021 he was awarded a University Research Fellowship by the Royal Society.

His research focuses on the physics of (sub)nanometer-scale quantum spin systems, such as molecular nanomagnets and semiconductor dopants, and their applications in spintronics. The aims of his research are to investigate the interplay between spin and electrical/optical degrees of freedom within these quantum spin systems, and to identify novel strategies for quantum technology enabled by such interactions. He is also interested in exploring hyperfine-coupled nuclear moments as a qudits, physical systems offering a Hilbert space that is larger than 2 dimensional, as fault-tolerant units for quantum information science.

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