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Welcome to The Centre for Networks, Communications and Systems

The Centre for Networks, Communications and Systems is world-leading for our research into networked systems. Our critical mass allows us to span all layers in the network stack, covering physical to application layer concerns. The centre currently consists of approximately 30 academic staff and multi PhD students and postdocs. Our work is consistently published in A* venues such as ACM SIGCOMM, ACM SIGMETRICS, USENIX NSDI, ACM IMC, alongside major journals such as Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE JSAC, ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networks, IEEE Transactions of Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Communications, etc.


Recent Publications

  • Gill SS, Wu H, Patros P, Ottaviani C, Arora P, Pujol VC, Haunschild D, Parlikad AK, Cetinkaya O, Lutfiyya H, Stankovski V, Li R, Ding Y, Qadir J, Abraham A, Ghosh SK, Song HH, Sakellariou R, Rana O, Rodrigues JJPC, et al. (2024). Modern computing: Vision and challenges. Telematics and Informatics Reports, Elsevier vol. 13, 100116-100116.  
  • Miano S, Lettieri G, Antichi G and Procissi G (2024). Accelerating network analytics with an on-NIC streaming engine. Computer Networks, Elsevier vol. 241 
  • Feng Y, Zhou K, Han H, Lu W, Tang J, Zhao N and Nallanathan A (2024). Deep Learning Based CFO Estimation for Multi-User Massive MIMO With One-Bit ADCs. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) vol. PP (99), 1-1.  

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