Dr Oriol Planas

Oriol Planas

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London


Catalysis, Main Group, Transition Metals, Organometallic


Our research interests span from the design of novel catalysts based on d- and p-block elements to uncover previously unknown pathways to the discovery of new synthetic organic transformations. The main goal of the research group is to provide original ligand designs, catalytic sustainable methodologies and in-depth mechanistic understanding using catalytic amount of Earth-abundant elements.


Relevant PublicationPublications of specific relevance to the Centre for Chemical Research


Relevant PublicationPlanas O, Peciukenas V, Leutzsch M, Nöthling N, Pantazis DA and Cornella J (2022). Mechanism of the Aryl-F Bond-Forming Step from Bi(V) Fluorides. Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society vol. 144 (32), 14489-14504.  


bullet iconPlanas Fabrega O (2021). Catálisis Redox con Bismuto. Anales de la Quimica, Real Sociedad Española de Química vol. 117, 266-273.  


solid heart iconGrants of specific relevance to the Centre for Chemical Research
solid heart iconRS-NIF: Shedding Light on the Reactivity of Low-Valent Organoantimony Species: Yi-Chen Chan
Oriol Planas Fabrega
£414,805 Royal Society (01-12-2023 - 30-11-2026)
solid heart iconCooperative Noble Base Metal Catalysis - EPSRC NIA
Oriol Planas Fabrega
£474,870 EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (01-09-2023 - 31-08-2026)
solid heart iconINNOBA - MSCA PF 2022 Planas Fabrega/Fernandez Gonzalez
Oriol Planas Fabrega
£200,512 EPSRC - EU Scheme (01-10-2023 - 30-09-2025)