Prof Andrea Benucci

Andrea Benucci

Professor in Visual Neuroscience

School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
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visual perception, visual cortex, optogenetics, optical imaging, animal behavior, artificial neural networks


I research the neural mechanisms involved in visual processing adopting a research framework capable of linking neural architectures to the underlying computations. My preferred approach involves integrating experimental methods for optically dissecting neuronal circuits (optical imaging and patterned optogenetics) with large-scale dynamic network models based on artificial neural networks (aNNs). Computation within artificial neural networks arises from connectivity principles among units, inspired by how biological networks perform computations. Therefore, aNNs serve as an effective ‘mechanistic’ modelling framework for integrating computational, algorithmic, and implementation levels of analysis. I employ this unified computational and experimental approach to uncover the principles of neural computation that underlie visual perception.

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Relevant PublicationPublications of specific relevance to the Centre for Brain and Behaviour


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