Dr Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

Senior Lecturer

School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
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Organic chemistry, Methodology development, Heterocyclic synthesis, Reactive intermediates (arynes), Functionalised carbon nanomaterials


We are interested in developing new synthetic organic methodology that has the potential to impact upon contemporary socioeconomic issues such as new drug discovery and the need to find more sustainable chemical feedstocks. As such, we aim to harness the high levels of reactivity of arynes, carbenes and radicals (“reactive intermediates”), as they afford unique and powerful opportunities to control challenging new chemical and biological processes. In our group we are particularly focused on exploiting aryne reactivity for the development of new synthetic strategies, in addition to exploring related applications in functional carbon nanomaterial preparation. Overall, we strive to facilitate the employment of cheap and abundant hydrocarbon sources within chemical processes and therefore reduce our reliance upon more limited and heavily functionalised starting materials.


Relevant PublicationPublications of specific relevance to the Centre for Chemical Research


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solid heart iconGrants of specific relevance to the Centre for Chemical Research
solid heart iconInnovations in ADC linker design - PhD studentship (AstraZeneca)
Christopher Jones and Stellios Arseniyadis
£60,000 AZ AstraZeneca UK Limited (18-09-2023 - 17-09-2027)
solid heart iconPAK UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership for Faculty
Alan Drew, Maria Crespo Ribadeneyra, Annalisa Bruno, Devis Di Tommaso, Edo Boek, Mahdieh Sadabadi, Paul Balcombe and Christopher Jones
£26,500 British Council (01-04-2023 - 30-06-2024)