Dr Michael Jie

Michael Jie

Senior Lecturer

School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
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Microwave Catalysis, Plastic waste upcycling, Hydrogen technology, CO2 Utilisation, Low carbon Technology, Functional Materials synthesis


The group's research interest focuses on designing active microwave catalysts for the upcycling of waste plastics into valuable chemicals, aiming to establish a true circular economy for plastics; low temperature CO2 activation and utilisation; waste biomass and biogas upgrading for SAF production and functional materials synthesis from waste resources. We are also committed to unravelling the complexities of microwave-initiated heterogeneous catalysis by developing advanced characterisation techniques.


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solid heart iconContract research: Microwave-driven dry methane reforming
Xiangyu Jie
£57,783 HUNT ENERGY ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. (01-03-2024 - 31-10-2024)