April 2024

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  13:00 - 18:00
Image: Conference: Facets of Algebraic Geometry: A Celebration of Combinatorial Techniques
Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory
Speakers: Navid Nabijou (QMUL) Rohini Ramadas (Warwick) Evgeny Shinder (Sheffield) The event will also feature an "Explain It To Me" session for early-career researchers, and will conclude with a wine reception. This event is supported by an LMS Celebrating New Appointments Grant, and by the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL.
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  14:00 - 18:00
TYC Recently Appointed Academic Talks: Chiara Gattinoni, Wojciek Kopec and Frank Schindler new
Centre for Chemical Research
Chiara Gattinoni – King's College London Electrostatic effects in nanoscale ferroelectrics The behavior of nanoscale forms of matter, such as thin films or nanocrystal, is strongly influenced by the structure and behavior of their surfaces and...
  Mon 29
 - Tue 30 Apr 2024
Image: Target to PatientConference: Target to Patient - Creating tomorrow's drug discovery toolbox
Centre for Bioengineering
Target to Patient is returning in 2024. Advances in genomics for target choice, in vitro technologies, novel modalities, risk mitigation, data analysis, AI/ML and digital health are transforming our understanding of disease leading to an explosion of new opportunities in drug discovery. Prof Martin Knight from the Centre for Bioengineering and the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models at Queen Mary is an invited keynote speaker at this event. Prof Knight will be discussing research on organ...
 Add this event to your calendar Tue 30 Apr 2024Image: NAMs networkNC3Rs NAMs Network launch event
Centre for Bioengineering
New approach methodologies (NAMs) - replacement (full and partial) technologies for use in assessing chemical or drug toxicity - hold great promise in providing useful information for chemical hazard and risk assessment. The NAMs Network is open to stakeholders from all sectors and at all career levels. The purpose of the Network is to encourage and support conversations and collaborations across sectors in new approach methodologies.

May 2024

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  14:00 - 15:00
Seminar: Chemistry Seminar: Dr Alice Pyne, University of Sheffield new
Centre for Chemical Research
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  10:00 - 16:00
Image: Quantum Day
Centre for Experimental and Applied Physics
We are pleased to announce our first annual Quantum Day. This event will celebrate all quantum-related activities at Queen Mary and will be a great way to meet others in the broader quantum community. Please register your interest

June 2024

  Mon 24
 - Tue 25 Jun 2024
Image: Microbiology SocietyConference: Bacterial Machines in Action
Centre for Molecular Cell Biology
Synopsis A suite of sophisticated molecular machines drives virtually all essential cell functions of bacteria - from fundamental processes such as DNA replication and gene expression to highly specialised multi-component systems required for the interaction of bacteria with their environment. We would like to bring together leading researchers in the field and provide the audience with a comprehensive and timely insight into the actions of bacterial machines. We thereby aim to integrate...

July 2024

  Mon 1
 - Fri 5 Jul 2024
Image: British Combinatorial ConferenceBritish Combinatorial Conference
Centre for Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory
Held biennially since 1969, the British Combinatorial Conference (BCC) is the foremost UK conference on combinatorics and its applications. Nine principal speakers will give survey talks covering a diverse range of topics in combinatorics and six mini-symposia, comprised of four speakers each, will cover significant recent advances in: additive combinatorics, algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, combinatorial optimization, extremal combinatorics, and probabilistic combinatorics. ...

September 2024

  Thu 5
 - Fri 6 Sep 2024
Image: BioMedEng24 logoConference: BioMedEng 2024
Centre for Bioengineering
The top bioengineering conference in the UK will return to Queen Mary in September 2024. There will be multiple parallel themes covering a broad range of bioengineering, medical engineering, biomaterials and related topics.