Future Shock: the generative AI policy dilemma

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Date: 20 June 2024   Time: 16:30 - 19:30

Location: ArtsTwo 335 Mile End Road London E1 4FQ Map 

In this event, we broach this GenAI policy dilemma by launching the Policy Forum of the Harvard Data Science Review's special issue: Future Shock: Grappling the Generative AI Revolution.

The Policy Forum, co-edited by Queen Mary's own Professor David Leslie, collects short, Op-Ed style position papers and policy analyses by leading thinkers from around the world, including Yoshua Bengio, Rachel Coldicutt, Jacob Metcalf, and Shmyla Khan.

Our panel discussion with Professor Leslie and other contributors to the Policy Forum, will discuss how the explosive rise of GenAI has brought both unforeseen challenges and immense potential. This event will delve into the complex policy and governance questions surrounding this transformative technology.

You can registerto attend the event in person or online.

Key questions we'll explore:

  • How can policymakers, regulators, civil society organisations, and members of the public swiftly and effectively respond to the far-reaching risks posed by advanced AI models and GenAI?
  • How can these risks be weighed against the potential positive impacts of these technologies on people, society, and the planet?
  • Are binding international regulatory and governance regimes needed given the global scale of the threats posed by the possible weaponisation, misuse, or unintended consequences of advanced AI models and GenAI?
  • Are such binding regimes even possible given existing geopolitical dynamics and priorities?
  • How can we ensure that international AI policy development processes are inclusive and sufficiently represent the will and interests of historically marginalised and vulnerable communities?
  • How is GenAI impacting academic integrity, information ecosystems, and the workforce?
  • Are AI chatbots blurring the lines of human interaction and posing ethical concerns?
  • To what extent are we prepared for the social and legal implications of GenAI?


Registration: 4.30pm - 5pm
Speeches & panel discussion: 5pm - 6.30pm
Networking reception: 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Location: Arts Two

Space is limited, so register now!

This event is co-hosted by Queen Mary Univesity of London, DERI and the Harvard Data Science Review.


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