Amazing Technicians

Our highly skilled and expert technical staff work with academics and students to deliver teaching, research and enterprise activities.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has a cohort of over 70 technicians.  Roles are diverse and range from Workshop Apprentices to Research Technical Professionals with specialisms in Microscopy and Histology, Mechanical Testing and Biogeochemical Sampling and Analysis.  

The talents and expertise of our technical staff within the faculty is essential to maintaining the quality of our teaching, the success of our students and the impact of our research.

What we are showing at the event:  Microscopic images of starfish stained with histological stains and antibodies targeting neuropeptides.  Bose Unit and Bioreactor chamber; developmental precursors of our organ-on the chip research.  Samples of experimental and teaching materials made by our skilled workshop team.

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Contact: Kate Thornton