Next Generation Batteries

Engineering the next generation of energy storage materials

Materials Engineering researchers at Queen Mary are at the forefront of innovation on alternative sustainable resources to design the next generation of batteries through the QMUL Centre for Sustainable Engineering.

Because of the inherent intermittency of renewables, batteries are key players in the battle towards global decarbonisation of energy supply and net zero.

However, the batteries of the future must not rely on fossil-derived materials. At Queen Mary, researchers develop scalable methods to process biomass waste and abundant elements into energy materials using innovative manufacturing techniques.

We formulate new approaches to materials manufacturing and characterisation, and engage with leading partners, contributing to shaping the future of energy storage.

What we are showing at the event: We are demonstrating how we process biomass materials into electrospun fibres; components of Na-ion batteries, a working redox flow battery.

energy materials microscopy
Electrospun carbon fibres for battery electrodes.
Battery testing technology
Coin cell testing.

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For more information about our research or to become an industrial affiliate please refer to the Centre for Sustainable Engineering
Contact: Prof Ana Jorge Sobrido , Dr Maria Crespo-Ribadeneyra, Dr Carlos Mingoes, Hattie Chisnall