Engineering Biology

Accelerating the discovery and manufacture of future medicines and sustainable chemicals

The Centre for Molecular Cell Biology is home to a growing number of chemical and synthetic biology research groups with the common goal of using engineering biology (also known as synthetic biology) to design and manufacture synthetic proteins and chemicals. Our interdisciplinary expertise underpins research in innovative drug discovery and sustainable bioprocesses. Current research include the development of novel pharmacological modalities including covalent drugs, natural products, synthetic protein degraders, and photosystems, tested across cellular models and cell-free systems. 

Our work in engineering biology is developing novel solutions to tackle the major global health challenge of antimicrobial resistance, as well as multiple applications in developing therapeutics for diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration. 

In addition, we are using evolution-based approaches to engineer new-to-nature photosynthetic enzymes for green biocatalysis.

We collaborate with national and international colleagues as well as spin-out companies and industrial partners (e.g., Syngenta).

What we are showing at the event: Will demonstrate our automated liquid handling system and novel microbes making various therapeutics and how we use 'click chemistry' to manufacture novel chemicals.

Exploiting novel microbes to generate new biomolecules.
new antibiotics
Creating novel compounds and therapeutics.

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Contact: Dr Elena de Vita, Dr Simon Moore, Charlotte Woolley, Tara Shutes