Artificial Reality for Teaching

Unleashing augmented reality to support a skills based lab curriculum

 In recent years the focus of our practical chemistry classes at QMUL have shifted away from getting the "right" answer and instead onto the key skills and techniques needed to get to that answer. We have identified 16 key skills that we consider essential for all year 1 chemistry students to master by the end of the academic year. To support this approach, we have co-created with our students a library of augmented reality instructional guides using the Microsoft Hololens2 technology.

Students are able to book time on the headsets outside timetabled lab classes and work through the guides at their own pace and multiple times if required. This provides a low stake environment, where our students can make mistakes without it impacting final grades, that helps to build competence and confidence in these key skills.

What we are showing at the event: We will be demonstrating the use of Hololens 2.

student using Hololens
Using Hololens
hololens screen
Hololens environment

Contact: Dr Lesley Howell, Megan Bryden