Innovative Healthcare Robotics

Enhancing human mobility, sensory interaction, and rehabilitation

Our researchers are developing a broad range of  robot-assisted rehabilitation technology. This includes neuro-rehabilitation devices for both legs and arms and a wearable robotic 'tail' designed to assist with human balance providing an innovative approach to enhancing stability and mobility. We are also leading development of novel soft robotics providing robotic hands and a exoskeleton enabling delicate and precise robotic manipulation. This work includes development of a wearable finger tremor-suppression orthosis using smart actuators. 

This area of healthcare robotics is supported by development of novel tactile sensors that are pivotal in creating more intelligent and responsive robots.

Other examples of our research in healthcare robotics includes a soft 'growing' robot with applications in minimally invasive surgery such as colonoscopy. Our engineers are also developing novel doctor-patient-in-loop approaches for remote physical examination of patients. This technology has great potential to increase healthcare access in remote areas and reduce the waiting time for physical examination by a doctor. 

What we are showing at the event: Our interactive stand will feature many of the healthcare robotic technologies described above including live demonstrations of the wearable robotic tail, robotic neuro-rehabilitation devices, soft robotic hand and surgical robots.  

robotic tail
Robotic balance assistance
robotic hand sensors
Robotic sensing

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Contact: Prof Zion Tse, Dr Ketao Zhang, Dr Thilina Lalitharatne, Prof Kasper Althoefer