Quantum Technologies

Our lives are about to be transformed by quantum technologies that exploit superposition and entanglement for timing, sensing, imaging, communications, and computing

Researchers at Queen Mary are using quantum technologies to investigate key fundamental physics questions such as the search for dark matter, the nature of gravity and measurements of the quantum properties of elementary particles.

We are exploring the application of new materials and devices, techniques for materials design and synthesis, and methods for quantum control and readout that contribute to the development of quantum technologies for near-term and future deployment.

Through our research, we are creating a pipeline of talented ‘quantum smart’ academics and professionals who can apply their skills to challenges including energy, pharmaceuticals, defence and security, and information technology.

What we are showing at the event:  We will show quantum computers in action and demonstrate quantum experiments.

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For more information please see the Centre for Experimental and Applied Physics, Centre for Fundamental Physics and  the Centre for Geometry, Analysis and Gravitation.

Contact: Prof Jan Mol, Prof Juan Valiente Kroon